10' Royal Electric 6 Conductor 18 Gauge SOW-A Pendent & Reel Cable 90C, 6C 18AWG

MarVac Electronics
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Product Description

  • SKU: 103697
  • Vendor: MarVac Electronics
  • Condition: New

This is a NEW 10 Foot Length of Royal Electric 6 Conductor 18 Gauge SOW-A, 90°C Pendent & Reel Flexible Power Cable.

NOTE: Pendant and Reel Control Cable is designed and manufactured for use in continuous flexing applications where flame, abrasion, chemicals, moisture, impact, tearing, and temperature extremes are considerations. Applications include portable control, festoon systems, power tracks, cable tenders, cranes and hoists, aerotracks, power carriage systems, cable reels, retractable reels, automatic welders, transfer vehicles, and other abusive flexing applications.

This Cable has an SOW-A Rated Jacket with 6 total 18 Gauge Stranded conductors.

 >>NOTE: Orders of Multiple Lengths Will Be Sent as a Single Continuous Length.<<


  • Conductors: 6 Conductor 18AWG Unshielded Wire in an overall Black SOW-A Rated Jacket
  • Construction: Bare Copper Stranded Conductors, SOW-A Rated Jacket
  • Ratings: (UL) SOW-A Dry 90°C and Water Resistant 60°C; CSA SOW 90°C, FT2
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.500" (12.7mm)
  • Quantity: 10 Foot Length

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