12V 2.5AH F187 Terminals UB1222

12V 2.5AH F187 Terminals UB1222

Universal Power Group

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UPG SLA Batteries Offer:

  • >  Outstanding performance, withstanding high current output and deep cycling.
  • >  Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals and heat.

  • >  Lower self-discharge.

  • >  Reliable power for critical applications.

  • >  DOT 60 classified for easy transportation.

  • >  UL recognized.

AGM & GEL batteries are lead-acid and of the same battery chemistry (lead dioxide, sponge-lead and sulfuric acid electrolyte) but the electrolyte is stabilized differently. 

The electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass mat separators which
act as absorbent sponges.