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P&B KUL-11D15D-24, 24 Volt DC Coil, 10 Amp DPDT Dual Coil Latching Relay

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  • SKU: 100799
  • Vendor: MarVac Electronics
  • Condition: New

NEW Potter and Brumfield KUL-11D15D-24, 24 Volt DC Dual Coil, DPDT Latching Relay. This Relay has both Latch and Reset Coils. Reset occurs by energizing the reset winding in dual coil relays

This Relay is New Old Stock (N.O.S.) from a bulk package, with no retail packaging. This relays shows minor scuffing from being stored in a bulk package.


  • Coil Voltage Rating: 24 Volts DC (24V DC)
  • Contact Current Rating*: 10 Amperes (10A) @ 120V AC, 1/3 HP @ 120V AC; 10 Amperes (10A) @ 250V AC, 1/2 HP @ 250V AC; 10 Amperes (10) @ 28V DC.

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