Sato Parts # K-2195-L 1/4" Shaft Large Pointer Knob w/Indicator Line

Vendor: Sato Parts SKU: 103502
  • $5.86

NEW Sato Parts # K-2195-L 1/4" (6mm) Shaft Small Pointer Knob with Indicator Line.

This knob is a designed to fit on a standard 1/4" (6mm) shaft, control device (potentiometer, tuner, etc.) on a Radio, Amplifier, Testing Equipment or Musical Instruments, etc.


  • 40mm Base Diameter x 21.5mm Total Height x 34.5mm Knob Diameter
  • Phenol Body Construction
  • Metal Shaft Insert
  • Fits standard 1/4" (6mm) shaft devices
  • Set Screw Attachment

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