How to: Wire Management

Wire management is a quick and relatively cheap way to keep your house looking organized and your technology uniform and in good condition—but it also extends beyond this. Proper wire management makes your home safer too, especially if you have children, pets, or frequently have company over. Whether your goal is grounded in aesthetic or safety purposes, MarVac stocks the tools and equipment needed to instantly improve your wire control.

Cable Ties

Cable ties (also known as wire ties or zip ties) are common in residential, industrial, professional, mechanical, and electronic application; but one may become overwhelmed at the large selection. There are a few important questions to ask—what strength and what length of cable tie is needed for your project; what material is best; do you need impact-resistance or outdoor-use cable ties; will varying colors make for quick identification of a wire’s purpose?

If you have previously purchased cable ties, you’re probably familiar with the range of colors, lengths, and widths. To make it simple: if the tie fits securely around the bundle and can be confidently locked, it’s all good. Measure the diameter of the cables to be bundled and consider the environment. We sell both regular and mounted cable ties which offer different benefits for different scenarios. Mounted cable ties require a single screw that takes very little room.

Overall, cable ties and cable tie mounts are great, convenient, and relatively cheap solutions for wire and/or cable management. Even when purchased in bulk, they are affordable. We currently stock options of 50 piece, 100 piece, 500 piece, 1000 piece packages with options of standard or mini width, standard or heavy duty capabilities, and in varying lengths. One accessory to make your management even easier is a zip tie gun which you can buy here.

Electrical Tapes

Electrical tape is made from plastic, vinyl, rubber, or fiberglass cloth and is actually very distinct from your regular office tape or duct tape. The elasticity of electrical tape is pressure-sensitive utilized for insulation of materials, binding of wires, and extra protection. It’s unique material prevents the electrical current from passing to other nearby wires, stopping the possibility of shorts and simultaneously pushing safety efforts as well. This type of tape is also often called insulating tape or friction tape.

The tapes we stock are extremely high-quality and can function among all your electrical cables and wiring projects helping to maintain electrical continuity, cover exposed wires, and connect multiple wire types.

Heat Shrink 

Heat shrink is a tubing that, as the name suggests, shrinks when exposed to heat meaning it is ideal for splicing wires and protecting electrical connections. When the tube is exposed to heat, it molds itself to whatever it encompasses making it very useful for protection from the elements and equal protection from electrical shorts caused by exposure. The majority of our stock of heat shrink has a 2:1 shrink ratio, but it doesn’t nearly have to shrink by half that is just it’s maximum capacity.

There are a few ways to shrink the tubing, the most effective way being a hot-air gun, but a small butane torch will work just as well and is the more portable option. When using heat shrink to join two wires, place the desired width and length of tubing over the end of one of the wires and once wires are joined slide the heat shrink tubing over the meeting point and apply even heat to it.

We stock a wide variety of colors which is helpful for identifying different splices or cables and also stock a type of heat shrink which has a glue on the inside to increase protection and durability. Heat shrink is a great alternative to electrical tape if you want a cleaner and custom fit to your varying applications.

Split Loom

Split loom is tubing composed of a rigid-material that provides greater flexibility, without kinking or splitting, than other loom styles. Split loom provides protection for your bundles of wire and cable while still maintaining a neat environment. It is designed specifically to prevent both abrasions and wires from being crushed or obstructed. Also, being a very affordable option.

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