About MarVac

MarVac Electronics is a full line distributor of electronic components, tools, wire and cable, audio and video product, wire management and much more. Best of all we offer a walk in brick and mortar in Costa Mesa CA and the online store for those who can't visit us. 

Our story began in 1965 when Deno Vaccher, founder of MarVac, decided after working  a couple of years at his brother Leo's store, OrVac Electronics, in Fullerton California that he wanted to start his own business closer to the beach where he hoped to move to some day. With his brother and Deno's wife Marlene support  MarVac Electronic opened its first location in Costa Mesa California. Being a smart man Deno immediately incorporated Marlene's name into the new family business. MAR was for Marlene and VAC was for Vaccher creating the new Corporation MarVac Electronics. 

Back in the days TV Antenna's and TV / Radio tubes were the hot commodity and that's what MarVac took up selling. TV repair men would visit MarVac daily to buy their tubes and antenna's and go off to their customers homes fixing TV's and installing Antenna's.  As time went on Deno noticed times were changing in the electronic world and he was all about keeping up with the times. Moving from the Placenta Ave location to the Newport Blvd location then to the 1870 Harbor location (now triangle square) Deno introduced the newest products on the market  to his already extensive inventory, Integrated Circuits. MarVac was now selling to the public and the public wanted everything and anything electronics. 

In 1985 MarVac Moved to is current location 2001 Harbor Blvd.  Deno's son's were now involved in the business allowing Deno to expand his successful operation to other cities. MarVac opened two other locations one in Sacramento California and another in Monterrey California. Not satisfied MarVac bought a chain of Electronics stores called DOW Electronics.  All said and done MarVac was now a 10 store chain serving the state of California. With locations in Sacramento, Monterrey, Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Culver City, Pasadena, Hawaiian Gardens, Montclair, Costa Mesa and San Diego.  MarVac was now in a position to assist California businesses, utility departments, schools, state faculties. manufacturing and do it yourself customers right in their back yard. 

Years passed and again Deno and now his son's saw they changing of the market and realized that the brick and mortar were giving way to the new sales channel, the internet.  Now in the  mortar downsize and internet growing mode MarVac sold off many of their locations to local entrepreneurs who realized the need of a home town store and wanted to keep the local presence.

By 2014 MarVac was back to  a one store location in Costa Mesa and a thriving internet presence that not only serviced California but the world.

This bring us to the present times and we are excited for our future. 

The Vaccher's have always recognized and valued our customers as being the root to our success and we will continue to provide quality product and exceptional service as our way of saying Thank You. 

Please call 1.800.655.6686 if you need any assistance.


Note: Quantities are limited to stock on hand only. All items are subject to prior sale. Stock status and pricing applies to online orders only, it does not reflect stock status or prices at our retail stores.


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