6 Inch Metal Replacement Handle for Drawers or Cases 6" x 5/8" x 9/32" "Silver"

MarVac Electronics
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Product Description

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  • Condition: New

NEW 6 Inch Metal Replacement Handle for Instrument Cases or other similar equipment. This handle has a natural metal or "Silver-Colored" finish. The dimensions of the handle are 6.0" x 5/8" x 9/32".

The exact material that this handle is made of is unknown. A magnet will stick to it, so I'm guessing it is made of some type of steel or other ferrous material. The handle is heavy (almost 6 ounces) and has no flex if you attempt to bend it

This Handle is New Old Stock (N.O.S.) from a bulk case with no retail packaging.


  • Dimensions: 6.0" x 5/8" x 9/32" 
  • Hole Thread size: 10-32
  • Hole Spacing: 6.0" center to center (approximate) 

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