Philips ECG RLY3922 12 Volt DC Coil, SPDT Low Profile Sealed PC Mount Relay

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Product Description

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NEW Philips ECG RLY3922 12 Volt DC Coil, 2 Amp @ 28V DC, 1 Amp @ 120V AC (resistive) SPDT Relay. This is a 5 Pin P.C. Mount, Low Profile, Epoxy Sealed, Immersion Proof Relay.

This Relay is New Old Stock (N.O.S.) from a bulk package, with no retail packaging.


  • Coil Voltage Rating: 12 Volts DC (12V DC)
  • *Contact Current Rating: 2 Amperes (2A) @ 28V DC, 1 Amperes (1A) @ 120V AC (Resistive)


What Philips ECG says about this series of relays:

"When soldering the relay to the PC board, solder temperature must not exceed 270°C, and solder time must not exceed 5 seconds. If necessary to hold the relay in place during soldering, the terminals of the coil and movable contact arm may be slightly bent after insertion through the board holes. CAUTION: Do not bend the terminals of the stationary contact arms, as this may alter contact adjustment."

"The polyester cover of the relay is bonded to the relay base, but is not hermetically sealed. Therefore, if the board on which the relay is soldered is to be cleaned by immersion, cleaning time must not exceed two minutes. If fluorocarbons, chlorinated or hydrocarbon cleaning solutions are used, the temperature of the solution must not exceed 77°C. If aqueousorganic solutions are used, temperature must not exceed 80°C. After board cleaning, the tape on the top of the relay must be punctured before the relay is put into service. If the tape is not punctured, any normal outgassing could result in excessive contact resistance at load currents of less than the contact rating."


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